Latest News: 4th March 2021
The Friday Night Darts Committee has agreed that, with the guidelines permitting with the rules being lifted and Guidelines from all the clubs Committee, Friday Darts will start again in September 2021 with Gallons and Competitions
( Note this will only happen when all Guidelines are lifted and agreed ) an A.G.M will be held before the season starts , also hand out trophies from the season before to captains of the winners and so all the players can have there say with the season ahead. plus teams entry money will need to be paid on that day as well.

Latest news : 12th March 2021
The Friday night Committee have agreed tonight following a zoom meeting that the teams subs will be split into 2 payments this year the first payment of 30 will be paid at the A.G.M meeting which will be arranged when clubs and pubs are open again and the last payment of 30 will be paid by the last game before Christmas, this will give clubs time to recoup their losses.The season will be starting on the 3rd September 2021 (this will change if government guidelines are not lifted or if we have another lock-down) I will let everyone know the date of the A.G.M in due course, trophies will also be handed at this A.G.M