I have been the Results Secretary for the Christchurch Club's Darts League since 1998/99. With a background in software, it made sense to store the results and tables in a database, from which a weekly league table could be produced.

Over time, a succession of "I wonder if..." ideas has meant that the volume of material captured has increased many-fold and it seemed logical that this information should be presented here for anyone with an interest to view it.

How is the website constructed

I have a software application written in VB6 which utilises a MS Access DB to produce output in a variety of formats, including textual, spreadsheets and HTML.

The guts of the site is automatically generated from the data entry of match scorecards and is uploaded each week to the server. It's simplistic, but it works.

A selection of screen shots (click on each picture to enlarge it)

When the application is started, the user is presented with a frontend providing access to a selection of menu options.

Results are entered on a form which is customisable for different match formats. This example is for the CCDL itself, but the format can be altered to handle any combination and order of Singles, Pairs, Threes, Fours and Gallon.
Having selected the two teams, dropdown lists show the names of the registered players for those teams and the scorecard can be constructed and saved.

A form is used to build the fixture format for a new season, indicating how many divisions there are, how many times the teams play, what Competitions are to be played and where they slot into the fixture list.

Can I have a copy of the software?

Hmmm, whilst I have no intention of marketing this application or providing support for it, as it has evolved over the years specifically for the purposes of handling the CCDL, if you contact me at the address found elsewhere on this site and make me an offer, I might be persuaded to send you a copy.

I would suggest not bothering unless you have a reasonable understanding of VB and HTML. Although the majority of the HTML files are auto-generated, you'll still need to create a surrounding set of files to display them on a website (e.g. a contents).

Last modified 22-Nov-07