Presentation Night 25th June 2010
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League Winners:
Hurn Bridge
Nigel Samson, Mark Shutler, Martin Reeks, Nigel Clarke, Dave Atherton, Andy Barnes, Matt Lee, Trevor Chant, John Hampton and Thomas Chant
League Runners Up:
Martin Snelling, Tony West, Sid Hayes, Tim Clothier, Kevin Day and Brian Smith
League Wooden Spoon:
Mudeford Andicappers
Mark Calder, David Travers, Lyn Miles, Frank Miles, Ian Maidment, Andy Coy, Peter Wiseman, Fred Whitaker and Peter Storrie
Gallon Winners:
Tony West, Sid Hayes, Tim Clothier, Brian Smith and Kevin Day
Denny Parrett Charity Knockout Winners:
Sid Hayes, Tony West, Tim Clothier and Martin Snelling
no picture available Denny Parrett Charity Knockout Runners Up:
Wessex PUCS
Chris Anderson, Lennon Moody, Daniel Turner and Matt Woodhouse
John Ramsier Handicapped Eights Winners:
Mudeford A
Rob Peaty, Gary Howlett, Brett Wood, Alan Mills, Daryll Davies, Andy Ramsier, Martin Wood and front Daniel Howlett, Luke Ramsier and Johnny Howlett
John Ramsier Handicapped Eights Runners Up:
Mudeford Andicappers
Frank Miles, Fred Whitaker, David Travers, Peter Wiseman, Lyn Miles, Ian Maidment, Andy Coy and Mark Calder
Captains and Vice-Captains Cup Winners:
NADS&S Superstars (Lee Young and Michael Parkes)
Captains and Vice-Captains Cup Runners Up:
Mudeford A (Martin Wood and Darren Hadley (not present))
Veterans KO Winner:
Dave Gurd (East Christchurch B)
no picture available Veterans KO Runner Up:
Brian Smith (NADS&S Z)
Blind Pairs Winners:
Fred Whitaker (Mudeford Andicappers) and Daniel Walker (Mudeford V2 Point 3)
Blind Pairs Runners Up:
Frank Miles (Mudeford Andicappers) and Michael Parkes (NADS&S Superstars)
Barrie Frampton Players Award:
Thomas Chant (Hurn Bridge)
180 Champion:
Gary Howlett (Mudeford A)
180 Finals Night Trophy Winner:
Tony West (NADS&S Z)
Highest Shot Out:
Michael Parkes (NADS&S Superstars)
Best Aggregate:
Martin Wood (Mudeford A)
no picture available Best Single Leg:
James Arnold (Mudeford B), Brian Smith (NADS&S Z) and Mark Stapleton (NADS&S Z)
Woodsy Fours Winners:
Hurn Bridge
Martin Reeks, John Hampton, Mark Shutler and Trevor Chant, presented by Martin Wood
Woodsy Fours Runners Up:
BBB Cons
Martin Maidment, Peter Brown, Andy Bostock and Dave Fenner
Threes Winners:
Sid Hayes, Brian Smith and Martin Snelling
no picture available Threes Runners Up:
Mudeford A
Andrew Browne, Pete Nightingale and Martin Wood
Pairs Winners:
Hurn Bridge
Martin Reeks and John Hampton
Pairs Runners Up:
NADS&S Superstars
Lee Young and Michael Parkes
Pairs Semi-Finalists:
Hurn Bridge
Nigel Clarke and Thomas Chant
no picture available Pairs Semi-Finalists:
Mudeford A
Pete Nightingale and Martin Wood
Sonny Willcox Silver Singles Winner:
Mark Phillips (BBB Cons)
Sonny Willcox Silver Singles Runner Up:
Scott Bailey (NADS&S +4)
Sonny Willcox Silver Singles Semi-Finalists:
Mike Foster (BBB Cons) and Colin Valentine (East Christchurch B) collected by Garry Rendell
Open Singles Winner:
Gary Howlett (Mudeford A)
Open Singles Runner Up:
Phil Weeks (Mudeford B)
Open Singles Semi-Finalists:
Martin Snelling (NADS&S Z)
and, not present, Mark Stapleton (NADS&S Z)
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