Presentation Night 5th May 2006
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League Winners: NADS&S +4
Martin Ford, Ian Starks, John Lamb, Mick Parkes, Paul Cooke, Andrew Francis and Roy Francis
League Runners-Up: AAA Cons
Derek Lloyd, Nigel Clarke, Nigel Samson, Paul Williams, Michael Walton, Jim Campbell, Mark Shutler, Neil Dunning, Phill House, Dave Atherton, Trevor Chant, Martin Reeks and Stuart Myles
League Wooden Spoon: Mudeford Anchors
Daniel Walker, Frank Miles, Trevor Herbert and Andy Coy
Gallon Winners: NADS&S +4
Paul Cooke, John Lamb, Andrew Francis, Martin Ford, Roy Francis, Ian Starks and Mick Parkes
Denny Parrett Charity Knockout Winners: AAA Cons
Nigel Clarke, Nigel Samson, Trevor Chant and Martin Reeks
Vice Captains Cup Winner:
Paul Cooke (NADS&S +4)
Captains Cup Winner:
Roy Francis (NADSD&S +4)
Veterans Knockout Winner:
Dave Atherton (AAA Cons)
Blind Pairs Winners:
Trevor Chant (AAA Cons) and Paul Davis (Mudeford B)
180 Champion:
Martin Reeks (AAA Cons)
Highest Shot Out:
(Shared) Andy Coy (Mudeford Anchors), Nigel Samson (AAA Cons) and Bob Sloane (on behalf of Jim Sloane of NADS&S C)
Aggregate Champion:
Mick Parkes (NADS&S +4)
Best Leg:
(Shared) Mick Wearden (on behalf of Ian Stewart of Hurn Flyers) and Jim Campbell (AAA Cons)
Ron Horne Eights Winners: NADS&S +4
John Lamb, Martin Ford, Ian Starks, Andrew Francis, Mick Parkes, Roy Francis and Paul Cooke
John Ramsier Eights Winners: Mudeford V
Brian McKenna, Paul Francis, Derek Sadler, Mark Calder, Bob Luckwell and Mark Worthy
Fours Winners: NADS&S +4
Ian Starks, Andrew Francis, Roy Francis and Mick Parkes
Threes Winners: NADS&S +4
Mick Parkes, Paul Cooke and Roy Francis
Pairs Winners: Mudeford A
Matt Ramsier and Gary Howlett
Sonny Willcox Silver Singles Winner:
Gary Noles (NADS&S D)
Open Singles Winner:
Gary Howlett (Mudeford A)
with thanks to Gavin Cherrett for his David Bailey-esque performance as photographer